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Panowie z PitchforkThe Year Is 1415 France Is Weakened By The Recently Ended Civil War Between The Factions Of Burgundians And Armagnacs The Young And Belligerent King Henry V Lancaster Decides To Pay The French A Neighbourly Visit.With Him The Flower Of The English KnighthoodJoin Sir Robert Neville, A Young English Knight, On A Quest To Discover The True Nature Of Chivalry, Love And Philosophy In The Unwelcoming Lands Of Northern France As He Follows Henry V On A Campaign To Reclaim His King S Rightful Legacy Of The French Crown.There Will Be Blood.There Will Be Romance.There Will Be Abductions And Pursuits.There Will Be Great History That Echoed For Centuries Long After The Last Screams Of The Dying At Agincourt Could Be Heard.Kamil Gruca Is A Polish Writer, A Graduate Of The Faculty Of Philosophy And An Active Knight Who Confirmed His Battle Prowess By Winning The Polish National Knights League In 2006 Under The Alias Of Sir Robert Neville He Has Studied Medieval Swordsmanship For Over 15 Years.His Novels Are Full Of Dynamic Swordplay Of Realism Uncommon For Popular Literature.For Information Please Visit

Best Panowie z Pitchfork  – rading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • Panowie z Pitchfork
  • Kamil Gruca
  • English
  • 24 May 2019

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About the Author: Kamil Gruca

Kamil Gruca is a Polish writer born in 1982 in Warsaw He is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Warsaw University Kamil is also an active knight who confirmed his battle prowess by winning the Polish National Knights League in 2006 under the alias of Sir Robert Neville He has studied medieval swordsmanship for over 15 years hence his novels are full of dynamic and realistic swordplay

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    Wish there was an English translation I saw this cover in the window of a Krakow bookstore last summer and now I want to read it Can anyone give a short synopsis in English

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    Set during the time of King Henry V 1400s , this novel follows many, many people, among them, the Pitchfork Men Sir Ralph has a taste for women and battle while his nephew, the Baron of Pitchfork, Sir Arthur chases after the ideal of chivalry Sir Robert Neville, a cousin to the Pitchfork Men, follows King Henry on campaign in northern France.This tale had plenty of action with lots of weapons and organized chaos I liked that the weapons appeared historically accurate in use the individual rich and the government military had weapons and most everyone else didn t or they were lucky to have a bow or a knife There was plenty of history in this book and the reader was plopped down into the middle of it So if you aren t familiar with the setting or the time period, you might want to skim a Wikipedia article on King Henry V before you dive in.There were many, many characters in this book I do well with a plethora of characters as long as I get to spend quality time with them The point of view...

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    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review as part of this book s blog tour I accepted this book because I have long had a fascination with the Battle of Agincourt Thanks to my mother returning to college when I was in elementary school, I grew up on Henry V with Kenneth Branagh I was obsessed with archery in my late teens and early twenties, and so Agincourt was a good one to study So when I saw a book related to that campaign, I was naturally interested.That part of it, I liked I ll say that up front.There was one overriding issue with the book The author is Polish and so it was originally written in Polish It was translated into English S all good, I ve read a lot of translations, but this one read like no English editors had gone over it like the translation has not been edited at all by someone versed in that.For example, words that were perhaps technically accurate but to an English reader were odd choices and thus drew you out of the story and I don t mean the medieval terminology I mean verbs and adjectives used in the exposition Ways that sentences were constructed could be awkward And that s not even touching the tons of grammatical errors As a freelance editor, it s really hard for me to overlook these things sometimes It just felt to me like this could have been a very interesting story and a better read if someone had taken the time to really care for the book, which it didn t to me feel like it received, and that was frustrating The book w...

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    The premise sounds absolutely fascinating, am I right It s nice to hear Henry V s story from someone other than the man himself or the writer posing as the man himself If you re unfamiliar with his story, wiki has it summed up really nicely in a rather short package for you If you re looking to watch the Shakespeare adaptation, The Hollow Crown two words Tom Hiddleston He plays Henry fantastically Now, I used him in a visual in this book and it made it ever so much enjoyable I like imagery of whom I m reading about I admit that I was glad I have a vivid imagination because this book is heavy on action but not on descriptions Be aware that the author is Polish and this is translated thus, some expressions are confusing and leaves you kind of baffled.It s also very historically accurate, so if that isn t your taste, you may want to skip it Rich with intrigue, adventure, daring battles and all of the things that make tomes like this fascinating.I don t mind a book where there s than one POV, I really don t Game of Thrones are amongst my favorite books and there s a lot of POV changes In this, there are quite a number of changes and it s really hard to keep up with them I found myself rereading things and then realising, Oh hey, POV change That s slightly frustrating, but if you can keep up with that, that in...

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    This was quite quick and short read I haven t read many books set during the reign of Henry V but it was nice to read about the war from the point of view some other than Henry.My problem with the book was that there were too many POV s which made it very confusing Half the time I was wondering how these people connect or will they connect...

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    A great adventure story, coupled with romance, intrigue, mystery, and the importance of brotherhood An amazing, and quick read Couldn t put it down.

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