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Daniel (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)In Many Ways, The Old Testament Book Of Daniel Is An Enigma It Consists Of Two Different Kinds Of Material Stories About Judean Exiles Working In The Court Of Pagan Kings Chapters 1 6 And Accounts Of Visions Experienced By One Of These Exiles Chapters 7 12 It Is Written In Two Languages, Hebrew And Aramaic, And The Language Division Does Not Match The Subject Division Whether The Book S Affinities Lie With The Hebrew Prophets Or With Later Jewish Apocalypses Is Debated, As Are Its Affinities With The Wisdom Traditions Of Both Israel And Babylon Refreshingly, Enest Lucas Postpones Much Of The Discussion Of Such Issues To An Epilogue, And Invites The Reader To An Investigation Of The Meaning Of The Text In The Form In Which We Now Have It He Identifies The Central Theme Of The Book As The Sovereignty Of The God Of Israel With Even Handedness And Clarity, Lucas Demonstrates That, For Preachers And Teachers, There Is Much In Daniel That Is Fairly Readily Understandable And Applicable, And That There Are Also Theological Depths That Are Rewarding For Those Willing To Plumb Them And Wrestle With The Issues They Raise.

Download Daniel (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)  – rading–
  • Hardcover
  • 359 pages
  • Daniel (Apollos Old Testament Commentary)
  • Ernest C. Lucas
  • English
  • 17 September 2018
  • 9780830825196

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About the Author: Ernest C. Lucas

Lucas is vice principal and tutor in biblical studies at Bristol Baptist College in England He is the author of a number of scholarly articles on the book of Daniel and, at the popular level, Can We Believe Genesis Today

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    Another good Daniel commentary An easier read than Goldingay, and slightly superficial, but works really hard at implications, focussing on some themes which may otherwise have been missed The thing which was different was his insights from Akk...

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    Daniel is an Old Testament commentary, written byErnest C Lucas published by IVP Academic It has been a long time since a mildly conservative critical, yet highly scholarly work has been published on the Book of Daniel and Lucas did not disappoint, weighing in at almost 360 pages.This commentary is the newest edition of the Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series with editors David W Baker and Gordon J Wenham, a series which is synonymous with excellent exegesis and superior application, this volume continues this legacy, but does not propel it to new heights This volume is one of the weaker volumes in the series, but to its less than anticipated conservative approach Yet while Lucas answer the critical issues yet he yielded to far left critics on many issues such as date and historical reliability of the kings and rulers of Babylon While this is an issue, do not dismiss the work completely rather use it with discernment, for while it it critical it does produce some great thought provoking exegesis and well informed applicaiton.Daniel has two main sections the typical general introduction, and then followed by a insightful exegetical commentaries on this partly historical and partly prophetic book With regard to the general introduction it is the typical study into the introductory matters of the book and how they relate to the Bible as a whole This is a serious schola...

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