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As if the Whole World were Watching (The Doms of the Cage #6) The Time Has Finally Arrived The Final Conclusion Of Calla And Flynn S Love Story Will It End In A Happily Ever After Or Will The Forces That Have Sought To Keep Them Apart Triumph Over Love Dr Calla Jones Is No Longer A Green Sub With Her Heart In Her Eyes When Flynn Banroch Hired Calla To Act As The Resident Psychologist For The Most Exclusive BDSM Club In Vancouver, She Was Excited One Of The Conditions Of Her Employment Was A Thirty Day Training Contract With An Experienced Dom In Order To Understand The Lifestyle Fully Calla Couldn T Have Been On Board With Flynn S Plan, Especially After He Signed The Training Contract Flynn Banroch Wasn T Looking For Anything Than Releasing The Sub He Knew Was Lurking Inside Of Calla Instead He Found An Incendiary Connection Forcing Him To Question The Strict Rules He Had For Playing With Subs In Exploring Calla S Submission, Flynn Found His Own Dominance Growing And Changing In Ways He Had Never Thought Possible When A Threat To His Position As CEO Of His Families Multi Billion Dollar Company Arises In Order To Keep Calla Safe, Flynn Ends Their Thirty Day Training Contract The Malignant Danger Against Vancouver S BDSM Community Has Steadily Increased Since Flynn Ended His Thirty Day Training Contract With Calla Compelled To Keep Calla Safe, He Offers Her Another Contract And Whisks Her Away From The Dangers Of The City At His Private Island Off The Coast Of British Columbia, Flynn And Calla Will Rediscover The Bond Between Dom And Sub That Has Haunted Them For Months As Their Enemies Close In, Will The Pair Be Able To Finally Escape The Past And Look Towards A Future Together Or Will The Forces Conspiring Against Them Finally Win Find Out In As If The Whole World Were Watching.

Reading As if the Whole World were Watching (The Doms of the Cage #6)   – rading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 269 pages
  • As if the Whole World were Watching (The Doms of the Cage #6)
  • P. Nelson
  • English
  • 22 December 2019

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10 thoughts on “As if the Whole World were Watching (The Doms of the Cage #6)

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    Just wonderfulSo much suspense,so many twists, awesome submission and domination..great plot.fantastic So much than a BDSM book If you want a great book and not just erotica you have found your author.

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    This is a thrilling conclusion to both Flynn and Calla s story AND to the story arch that has flowed through the seriesThe first book or two of the series had of a BDSM romance feel, however this, along with the last few books, is of a romantic suspense with strong elements of BDSM The kink is very consensual, even when Calla disagreed with some of Flynn s decision she still ultimately had full control of whether the scene would occur or not I loved how Calla wasn t afraid to speak her mind, she may be a submissive but she was never a doormat She shone in this book and I really felt a connection to her.At a push you could read this as a stand alone, but to get the full benefit of this book you need to read Our First Dance at the very least In that book we saw Flynn and Calla begin their troubled relationship Since they have already developed feelings for each other we don t see them fall in love in this book What we do see are two people learning to compromise and to trust others and each other again.I have to admit there were a handful of occasions where either Flynn or, often, Calla seemed to make a very strange or sudden decision However a few paragraphs later the author would explain their thinking, and all suddenly made sense There were times when I felt that Flynn made irrational decisions Whilst this seemed out of character for such a smart, ambitious, driven and successful CEO, it really emphasised how difficult he was finding it to cope with the situation...

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    I absolutely loved This is book six in the Dom s of the Cage series but can be read and enjoyed as stand alone Told in dual POV Flynn and Calla s story began in the book Our First Dance, I would recommend reading that first but not necessary to follow this story There is a murder mystery theme throughout the whole series, but again not necessary to follow along I would just highly recommend reading the whole series because they are REALLY good books and each book follows a different couple who are all members of The Cage, a BDSM club in Vancouver The first half of this book is about Calla and Flynn hiding out and reconnecting as D s I loved their connection and their ability to completely open themselves to each other again For the second half of the book there is a lot of heart pounding action with snipers, spies, government agents, corporate espi...

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    I have not read previous books in this series and believe that I would have enjoyed the story if I had The story has lots of sexy scenes The storyline is thrilling and suspenseful There is intrigue and dangerI intend to acquire the previous bo...

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    P Nelson has once again managed to write a story that wraps up some elements of this multifaceted tale but leaves you still waiting for the next book This is almost Calla and Master Flynn full circle and while I can honestly say I was so excited to see this reunion after the brilliant Take My Hand, I am glad that we are still not quite done with The Dom s of The Cage Calla and Master Flynn reunite in what is an explosive, extremely sexy and heartfelt story that has you twisting and turning on every page wondering if a HEA will ever be seen for these two who have been ever present throughout the series At times the heat between these two is so scorching, you can feel it through the page as they rekindle what is destined to be an amazing relationship I m pleased and not so pleased in some cases...

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    I received an Advanced Reader Copy I am voluntarily leaving a review This is Book 6 of the Doms of the Cage series It can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the series in order, to really understand the underlying mystery that is woven through the series up to this point.This is the finale of Calla and Flynn s story arc, which started in Our First Dance Flynn is the owner of the Cage, an upscale BDSM club as well as the CEO of Bancroft Industries, his family s company Calla is the Cage s resident psychologist Flynn took up her training when he hired her, but terminated her 30 day contract with out explanation in order to protect her This book takes up immediately after the events of Wicked Games Book 5 Flynn has resigned as CEO of Bancroft Industries and has taken Calla out on his yacht This book wraps up the mystery expertly, with a lot of twist and turns There is a lot of steam between Calla and Flynn My only...

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    Calla still works at the Cage as the resident psychologist, but she still can t have what she wants and that is Master Flynn Will she ever get than a taste of what he can offer her But when Calla is in danger, will Master Flynn keep her safe Master Flynn wants Calla, but he has to keep things professional after everything he has been through He needs to be sure that the next woman will be the right woman for him in every aspect But when Calla proves on than one occasion that she is, will he finally see the truth I could not put this book down It was sexy, emotional, explosive, ...

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    Dominating sensuality with a demanding thrill rideAs If The Whole World Were Watching by P Nelson is exceptionally well written This much anticipated book is the continuation and resolution of Calla and Master Flynn s story I really love this entire series and was equally excited to read this one The way Calla and Master Flynn navigate and negotiate, come to terms with their hearts, declare their love and finally understand how much greater and stronger they are together.The finale for Book 5 is a t...

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    I loved reading this book The drama and danger took me to another world The erotic relationship between Calla and Flynn was off the charts This is well written and realistic It definitely is not raunchy It is a beautiful example of love expressed The drama was not overdone It did not feel like a soap opera It was like an academy award worthy book It was so easy to see each of the scenes in the book My imagination was able to really take in what the author had to give I hope there is a follow up book or extended epilogue sharing the collar ceremony with Master Lovett and the wedding And what is this news Lilith had to share What about...

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    Have you ever anticipated something sooo much when it comes, its rather disappointing I ve read every book in this series, but I ve been hooked on Flynn and Calla s story from Our First Dance I couldn t wait for their storyline to resolve, every book up to this was a tease This was a disappointment for me Flynn and Calla are interesting, strong characters, their chemistry is palatable But, this boo...

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