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The Organs of SenseIn 1666, An Astronomer Makes A Prediction Shared By No One Else In The World At The Stroke Of Noon On June 30 Of That Year, A Solar Eclipse Will Cast All Of Europe Into Total Darkness For Four Seconds This Astronomer Is Rud To Be Using The Longest Telescope Ever Built, But He Is Also Known To Be Blind And Not Only Blind, But Incapable Of Sight, Both His Eyes Having Been Plucked Out Some Time Before Under Mysterious Circumstances Is He Mad Or Does He, Despite This Impairment, Have An Insight Denied The Other Scholars Of His Day These Questions Intrigue The Young Gottfried Leibniz Not Yet The World Renowned Polymath Who Would Go On To Discover Calculus, But A Nineteen Year Old Whose Faith In Reason Is Shaky At Best Leibniz Sets Off To Investigate The Astronomer S Claim, And Over The Three Hours Remaining Before The Eclipse Occurs Or Fails To Occur The Astronomer Tells The Scholar The Haunting And Hilarious Story Behind His Strange Prediction A Tale That Ends Up Encompassing Kings And Princes, Family Squabbles, Obsessive Pursuits, Insanity, Philosophy, Art, Loss, And The Horrors Of War.Written With A Tip Of The Hat To The Works Of Thomas Bernhard And Franz Kafka, The Organs Of Sense Stands As A Towering Comic Fable A Story About The Nature Of Perception, And The Ways The Heart Of A Loved One Can Prove As Unfathomable As The Stars.

Free Download The Organs of Sense  – rading–
  • ebook
  • 240 pages
  • The Organs of Sense
  • Adam Ehrlich Sachs
  • English
  • 26 June 2019
  • 9780374719968

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About the Author: Adam Ehrlich Sachs

Adam Ehrlich Sachs is the author of The Organs of Sense and Inherited Disorders His fiction has appeared in the New Yorker, n 1, and Harper s, and he was a 2018 NEA Literature Fellow He lives in Pittsburgh.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway The opinion expressed in this review is my own.This book is completely absurd which is exactly it s purpose If you are expecting something different, it s not in there It s how the book was written and how it s supposed to be It s not a book that everyone will fancy but I enjoyed it Have you ever wondered why it s so difficult to understand some people This book covers the conversation between the blind astronomer and a philosopher mathematician There is much at stake regarding this conversation and the even...

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    This was of an experimental read or unconventional, if you prefer, and boy, did it not work for me In fact, it should have had really added non in its title for a accurate description It was easy enough to get what the author was going for an absurdist historical comedy, but but it was mainly just absurd The plot was like a one punch joke stretched out too long, it s in fact quite difficult to adequately describe and since the book summary did the work, I ll leave it at that The comedy came from a sort of repetetiveness best demonstrated by the muffin man Do you know the muffin man The muffin man The muffin man etc But with a time appropriate vocabulary, so words like glockenspiel It goes on and on in seemingly unending serpentine sentences, virtually paragraph and dialect free Characters ramble on in meandering monologues The book moves l...

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    Adam E Sachs The Organs of Sense is a funny, insane ride through what appears to be in the story the perfectly normal While the story revolves around Gottfried seeking a blind astrologer who has predicted a solar eclipse, for me the story takes on a bigger picture For me Adam has crafted a make believe past that revolves around all the things that we spend entirely to much time think about worrying about or put entirely way too much faith in.The story while well paced and fast reading has a great cast of characters, from the sublime to the insane or at the very least faking both sublime and insanity The Organs of Sense has a very real surreal feel to it like looking at a Dali , you know it can t be real true but you have this feeling that if it isn t it could be.The story not only had me laughing out loud, but it is thought provoking as well I would laugh out loud read...

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    Ci sono teorie filosofiche che ogni tanto diventano le protagoniste di interi romanzi, a volte in modo dichiarato, com il caso di Wittgenstein su Wittgenstein s Mistress di David Markson, altre pi oblique il solito Wittgenstein presente in filigrana su The Broom of the System di Wallace, come su End Zone di DeLillo e allo stesso DeLillo accaduto spesso di toccare filosofia del linguaggio, il realismo australiano e la teoria delle descrizioni definite, The Flame Alphabet di Ben Marcus costruito attorno alla teoria degli atti linguistici di Austin e Searle, e The Moviegoer di Walker Percy attorno a una versione di seconda mano dell esistenzialismo sull influenza del positivismo logico sulla letteratura americana del secondo novecento si veda Fictions of Fact and Value The Erasure of Logical Positivism in American Literature, 1945 1975 di Michael LeMahieu Oxford University Press, 2016 THE ORIGIN OF SENSE di Adam Ehrlich Sachs lo fa con Leibniz, e anzi, usa un inedito Leibniz come protagonista e fulcr...

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    via my blog he could not stop He felt he had a compulsion to look, to look closer and closer, a looking closer and closer compulsion What he wondered would it take to stop looking, to look this closely, and no closer Through such and such a magnification, and no higher Certainly the strangest book I ve read this year, and in fact last year We are told that G W Leibniz, who was throughout his life an assiduous inquirer into miracles and other aberrations of nature is on a mission It seems fitting he would want to uncover the truth behind an astronomer s peculiar prediction The German philosopher, mathematician, and logician, is on a quest to reveal whether or not a blind astronomer could possibly be able to study the stars so accurately as to have predicted an eclipse at noon and on the last day of 1666, that will leave all of Europe in complete and total darkness This man s prediction is made shocking by the fact that he has empty sockets where his eyes should be, can you get any blinder Sure, he has been rud to have built the most power telescope of the times but powerful or not, one still needs eyes to peer into telescopes, no Leibniz intends to remain at the observatory long enough to test the man s reason sanity and if the eclipse happens ...

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    Smart and funny Maybe a little full of itself but it s all worth it in the end.

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    What a kooky book

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    The Organs of Sense from Adam Ehrlich Sachs surprised me a bit by just how much it actually made me think beyond the humor and the sometimes misappropriated philosophy And it did this without being a difficult or convoluted read.This novel is definitely one of those that will turn some people off Just ignore the ones who make it sound like the book is flawed, that just means they didn t get it The ones who point out why they didn t like it as compared to making it sound like it was all about the book itself and not the dynamic of reader and book are the ones you might want to pay attention to Yes, there is repetition, but not a lot and not beyond what is needed to make a point Maybe repeating a form of said so and so to so and so as reported by so and so Some concepts are repeated as well, but usually to illustrate that they can be understood differently depending on context and or desired outcome If someone just saw repetition as repetition, they simply didn t follow the story or the thinking very well.If you like to read a bit of an absurdist take on philosophical thought taken to some unusual extremes, this will appeal to you Thinking, or over thinking, in the abstract about very real phenomena such as family relationships, sanity insanity...

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    someone took a thomas bernhard narrator and hurled him back in time to the holy roman empire or maybe this is a story about the holy roman emperor told by a gaggle of bernhard narrators it s an entertaining story either way

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