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2028 2028 Prime Minister Fitzwilliams Instincts Tell Him It S Time To Call A Snap Election His Cabinet Team Is Adequate Just , The Howling Protests Of The Doctors After The GP Changes Has Finally Died Down And, Best Of All, The Australian Greens Are In Receivership So What Could Possibly Go Wrong The PM Is Prepared For Everything Until He Finds Himself Facing What He Least Expected An Actual Opposition How Do You Deal With A Party That Doesn T Play By The Rules, Protests In The Nude, Sends Mail By Carrier Pigeon And Has A List Of Candidates All Called Ned Ludd Welcome To The Australia Of 2028, Where Parking Meters Double As Poker Machines, Radio Shock Jocks Have Been Automated, The Communist Party Of China Has Turned Itself Into A Multinational Corporation And ASIO S Glory Days Are So Far Over That It S Resorting To Surveillance Of A Charles Dickens Reading Group Outrageous, Sharp And Wickedly Funny, 2028 Takes Us Into The Near Future, Where The Not Very Good Ideas Around Today Have Become 10 Years Worse.

Best 2028   – rading–
  • Audio CD
  • 2028
  • Ken Saunders
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9781721364169

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About the Author: Ken Saunders

Ken Saunders has lived in Canada, New Zealand and Australia without ever once being asked to compete in the Commonwealth Games for any country Graduating from McGill University with a degree in History, he subsequently pursued a career in working for places that were willing to hire him Ken played the role of Prince Andrei in the 1982 Canadian Super 8 silent film version of War and Peace that pl

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    Well everyone said this was enormously funny and they were quite right Unfortunately for us all it is also very close to reality Welcome to 2028 where Taxis Combined and Uber have been replaced with a fully automated driverless cab system, where Australia Post no longer delivers mail but uses drones to deliver parcels and do other things, and where parking meters have developed into poker machines paying for parking has never been so much fun As the Prime Minister calls a snap election he is very confident of his return However he is caught out unawares by the sudden arrival of a new party from nowhere which seems to be bound for success As the story progresses it soon becomes clear that this party has been planned for a very long time but by whom I enjoyed it all very much The writer has a dry wit and an excellent imagination Some of his ideas are outrageous but some of them cut very close to the bone I will be voting in Austra...

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    5 Renard inserted his credit card into the Parkie and opted to play for two dollars Brisbane City council had been the first local government to introduce Parkies, but now they were everywhere, even the inner city suburb of Glebe in Sydney The brought, in a limited way, poker machines to the streets Motorists still had to pay for parking, but now got one play in return, a chance to hit the jackpot He played a new round This time the parking meter chimed a tinkly rendition of the 1812 Overture finale Fifty dollars Slot machines are poker machines, pokies , in Australia It s a brave new world in 2028, and although the 2028 political scene in Canberra is sadly reminiscent of 2018, there is a fascinating movement I d love to join to change the nature of politics maybe everywhere The possibilities and gadgets are all believable well, I know I m naively hopeful , and the inventiveness of the plots are delightful The subversives if I can call them that , had all changed their names to Ned Ludd and founded the Luddite Party It had no website, no email address, no contact list, no nothing But they do occasionally meet at Low Expectations, a sort of Dickensian bookshop that serves gruel and tea and has teenagers worki...

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    2028 is the first novel by Australian author, Ken Saunders It s early 2028 and Coalition Prime Minister Adrian Fitzsimmons feels the time is right to call an election His main opposition, the Labour Party is in disarray and the Greens are non players, being in receivership, so the PM feels confident of an easy win to take him into a fourth term But then the ASIO chief turns up with some disturbing news two demonstrations are scheduled to happen at Parliament House exactly when the PM plans to announce the election Members of the Luddite Party will gather nude.Almost ten years ago, two thousand eight hundred and eighty seven Australian citizens changed their names by deed poll to Ned Ludd, and formed a political party Careful surveillance has revealed that, apart from an annual movie night, they have since not registered a single blip on the political radar Until now Saunders takes Australia as we now know it and progresses things just a few steps further, thus keeping it wholly believable Australia Post no longer delivers letters they barely do now, so that s hardly a stretch while their parcel drones multi task today s beleaguered GPs are gone, replaced by automation politica...

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    4.5 sFor any Australian who keeps an eye on the shenanigans in Canberra, and despairs of our parliamentary democracy, this satirical novel will delight.Set in the near future, 2028 exposes many of the behind the scenes goings on, in a highly amusing but seriously thoughtful way It is high farce, unapologetically fanciful, but underneath the frivolity are some insightful comments and some deep understandings.I literally laughed out loud all the way through this book It is very entertaining, particularly as I have a keen inter...

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    This is not quite how Peter Dutton imagines our dystopian future crap technology, paranoid spies, cycling activists and even dumber politicians Set phasers to stupid Hilarious Wendy Harmer Ken Saunders waddled about the 2028 National Tally Room as the results came in He has seen the future Relax It s awesome H.G.Nelson If Douglas Adams wrote The Killing Season, it would be as absurdly funny and worryingly prescient as this Sami Shah It s a state of peak technology, peak focus group, peak surveillance But the revolution is coming and it s off line, naked and riding a bicycle Cathy Wilcox A highly amusing, if grim, forefeel on how politics will be plagued in the near future John Doyle A hilarious and horrifying vision of a future where parking meters are pokies and not...

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    If you recognise the name Eden Monaro, know what a democracy sausage is, and enjoy a good laugh, this book is for you.

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    I m tempted to declare this book best fiction of the year.It s funny, it s clever, it s topical and surprisingly gives me hope Anyone with a sense of humour and interest in Australian politics or society should read this book.

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    This is laugh out loud funny I read the whole thing thinking it was a movie version of Working Dogs Utopia The Australian political system in the lead up to election, in 2028, as the Ned Luddite party challenges the traditional Labor vs Liberal National rivalry.So much fun

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    One of my favourite books this year.I vote for Ned I hope I can go back and re read this in 2028.

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    A dystopian novel, this is a very humorous political satire We re 10 years in the future, where parking meters are combined with poker machines parkies so people are not only happy to pay for parking, but will park for longer than they need to in order to increase their chances of a win We also get ingenious ideas like the in...

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